I was born and raised in Michigan until about 2011, when I moved to Minnesota. I graduated from Lakeville North High School in 2019 and soon after enlisted into the Air National Guard as an Air Evacuation Medical Technician. I am active in my church community and have a heart for anything outdoors. I am always up for a spontaneous adventure and love hearing about new things to do around the Twin Cities. On my not-so-adventurous days, I can be found reading or playing the piano.


While I have yet to decide on a college career, I have a strong passion for people. I have always been drawn to careers with an interpersonal focus, and find joy in helping others. As a neurofeedback technician, I have the unique ability to see clients multiple times a week. Not only do I have the privilege of developing personal relationships with each of them, but I get to see the incredible impact that neurofeedback has on the human brain.