Certified Brain Health Coach – Amen Clinics


As a native Floridian, it was grace that allowed me to become more acclimated to the Minnesota climate by first spending four years in Birmingham, Alabama and 12 years in St. Louis, Missouri before moving to Minnesota with my family in 2013. My husband and I have three children and enjoy spending time together playing board games, cooking, and traveling to lakes in the surrounding area during warmer months of the year (no ice fishing for us!). In 20201 we moved to North Carolina to be closer to family but remain connected with great friends and visit our home-away-from-home in Minnesota often.

I am passionate about people, good food and gardening. On most days from April through September you can find me in my home garden or our elementary school garden teaching kids and neighbors of all ages where their food comes from; how it impacts everything from the way we think and feel to how our body performs. During the winter months you will find me in my kitchen creating and experimenting with new recipes.


I am a Registered Dietitian and received my master’s degree in Exercise and Physical Performance from Saint Louis University in 2003. Over the last two decades I have had the pleasure of working with hundreds of individuals in a variety of settings: in the hospital working with adults as a clinical dietitian, in the field teaching children where food comes from (the answer is not the grocery store!), in the classroom teaching college students the importance of food choices for our body and brain, and at LIFE counseling teaching individuals of all ages the importance and impact of nutrition on physical, mental and emotional health.


Bachelor of Science – Nutrition and Dietetics, Samford University – Birmingham, Alabama

Master of Science in Nutrition and Physical Performance, Saint Louis University – St. Louis, MO