Summer Intensive Program

Improve symptoms of ADHD, Learning Difficulties, Memory, and Processing Speed


Has your child struggled with school this year? Are you looking for a non-medicated, non-invasive solution?



Our personalized, effective, non-invasive, and intensive summer program can help your child or adolescent (ages 8-21) improve focus, learning, memory, and processing speed in a matter of weeks to get ready for the next school year. Testing will be administered at the onset and at the completion of the program to mark progress. This will be followed up with a take-home summary of the results.



Tailored program to meet your schedule:

  • Flexible schedule with start dates in June, July, and August
  • Can be completed in as little as 2-4 weeks, for a total 2-4 hours a day. (Flexible scheduling options available)
  • 40 hours of training and neurofeedback, focused on your child's brain needs
  • Get errands completed, finish the book you've been putting off, workout, or check out our relaxation room while your child is training

Utilizing the latest and most effective technology to provide a non-invasive, non-medicated options to reach a greater performance level in school and everyday life:

  • Functional Brain map assessments gathering, extensive and accurate EEG data of your child's brain
  • Additional assessments identifying current attention level, memory, and sequential processing
  • Thorough reports indicating areas of concern, and growth as training is completed
  • 10 hours of Neurofeedback (more session available for an additional fee)
  • 30 hours of Brain Training utilizing computer games tailor-made to your child's areas of need


"We saw our son's test scores improve significantly! Very helpful program!" -former client's parent

"My daughter's memory and processing improved. She also was able to improve her reading speed and comprehension, something she has always struggled with." - former client


If you are ready to sign up, or are curious click on the button below. But remember we have limited space available for the summer. Invest in your child's future today!