What is Sexual Addiction?

Sexual addiction is the lack of control of some sexual behavior or relationship, having a negative impact on one's life. Sex and the thought of sex tend to dominate the sex addict's thinking, making it difficult to work or engage in healthy personal relationships.


Sex addicts often:

  • Engage in compulsive behavior (continuing in behavior even after repeated attempts to stop)
  • Rationalize behavior
  • Preoccupy and obsess with sex
  • Deny a problem exists and make excuses for actions
  • Engage in risk-taking despite negative consequences
  • Develop tolerance (behavior escalates or more is required to achieve same pleasurable sensation)
  • Form little to no emotional bond with sexual partners
  • Feel guilt or shame for behavior
  • For some people, sexual addiction leads to illegal activities such as exposing self in public and making obscene phone calls.

Behaviors associated with sexual addiction include:

  • Masturbation (self-stimulation)
  • Use of pornography
  • Multiple affairs (extra-marital affairs)
  • Multiple or anonymous sexual partners and/or one-night stands
  • Unsafe sex
  • Phone or computer sex (cybersex)
  • Prostitution or use of prostitutes
  • Exhibitionism
  • Stalking or Voyeurism
  • Sexual harassment
  • Molestation or rape

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