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Your commitment to a 30, 60 or 90 day RELATIONSHIP CHALLENGE will open the door to exploring and creating your best love connection!  Do you need to reconnect, repair, or completely reboot your relationship?  Are you willing to invest in a uniquely designed 4, 8, or 12 weeks with the person you care about the most?  Choose a challenge that makes sense for you, and watch your relationship transform! 


COST = $70 PER WEEK/PAY AS YOU GO OR $230 PAID UP FRONT (Savings of $50)

Are you feeling a bit out of sync with your partner?  Are your schedules so busy you are finding it difficult to connect?  Could your relationship use a tune up? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, come in for our 30 day challenge.  Commit to brushing up on communication skills, developing teamwork and sparking reconnection in your marriage.



 COST = $65 PER WEEK / PAY AS YOU GO OR $450 PAID UP FRONT (Savings of $75)

Have you and your partner been fighting more often?  Are feelings of stress, anxiety, or resentment getting in the way of being able to connect?  Does it seem like you just can’t communicate with each other anymore?  Are you feeling stuck in a relationship rut and can’t get out? If yes, come in for our 60 day marriage challenge.



COST = $60 PAY AS YOU GO OR $650 PAID UP FRONT (Savings of $70)

Does your marriage need a reboot?  Do you and your partner feel defensive with each other more often than not? Has trust been lost?  Are you at the end of your relationship rope?  If you are don’t give up just yet. Work with us to learn tools to help rebuild your marriage.




Ditch the diamonds, guys!  Invest your money in something that can make your relationship sparkle!  And ladies, wouldn’t you rather build your communication tool-set than give your man another funky 5-in-1 gadget?  There’s no better way to say, “I’m invested!” or “I care about us” than accepting the 30-60-90 day challenge and making a commitment to work on your relationship.  Print off a GIFT-VOUCHER, and call to set up your first appointment.  We’re booking NOW, so don’t wait! 



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It would be SUPER-HUMAN to achieve ALL the outcomes of each challenge within the suggested time frames. But that's okay, because last we checked leaping tall buildings in a single bound is not recommended!  So ditch the cape, (that could be deadly), and join us in a more down to earth approach. The description of each of package includes outcomes you might learn, or skills you might be encouraged to practice based on your relationship’s unique strengths and needs.  In other words, we tailor the challenge to FIT YOU.  You will play a big part in expressing which outcomes you’d like to focus on during a PRE-challenge goal-setting session. (Please note that this goal setting session is included in the pre-paid package costs, but not in the 30-60-90 day time frames.  So add a week to your 4, 8, or 12 week commitment.)

It’s also important to note that although this challenge is intended to inspire, educate and encourage, we recognize that the process of restoring a relationship can be painful. Sometimes things might feel like they are getting worse before they get better. In some cases, things might not improve at all. Either way we encourage you to stick with the challenge.  At the same time, you can trust that the counselors here are committed to a process that deals with the tough stuff while also fostering at least a little bit of humor. Laughter really can be good medicine.

Over time, if you like our style and appreciate the things you're learning, we invite you to extend your challenge to include more sessions!