Couples Counseling


Sick of the same old patterns? 


Fighting way too much?

Seeking a solution to re-ignite the passion?

If you desire to increase respect, affection, and closeness in your relationship; become more understanding and intentional; and communicate more effectively and resolve conflict, then maybe couples counseling is right for you. Although it is normal for relationships to have "ups & downs," occasionally a couple will not be able to resolve issues on their own. We frequently find each partner is well intentioned but keeps "missing" the other.

We help couples learn to communicate more effectively, resolve conflict, affirm one another, and recognize each other's needs. We also help couples heal from the deeper wounds of betrayal, pornography, infidelity, or revitalize their marriage after years of neglect. If you aren't sure about couples counseling, come in for a FREE 20-minute consultation and see what you think. 



Prepare/Enrich Program is for couples in the pre-marriage stage, cohabitating couples,  and married couples.  The Prepare/Enrich Inventory is a 165-item questionnaire that assesses relationship strength and growth areas, as well as how family backgrounds and personalty styles impact the relationship. If you are interested in the Prepare-Enrich Program, please see the payment options page or contact us for more information.  You can find more information about the inventory at the  Prepare-Enrich website.