Overwhelmed as a Parent?

Are your children argumentative or disrespectful? Are you sick of reading parenting books that don't help? If you are desiring a more peaceful and happy home life, then maybe we can assist you.

At LIFE Counseling we strive to help your family reach its desired goals and create an atmosphere that invites positive change and growth. If you are desiring help in any of the following areas please contact us.



Negative Behavior


Reconnecting as a Family

Setting Consequences

Feeling Distant from your Teen?

Both parents and teens need to feel respected and heard. We provide a safe, neutral environment that can help open lines of communication.Pursuing counseling services will create an opportunity to address issues such as curfew, attire, friends, family activities, dating, drugs, alcohol, respect, staying in touch, and other common issues parents and teens share. Your teen DOES desire a connection with you. We'd be happy to help you both reconnect, or maybe connect for the first time.