Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)


Common disadvantageous statements about ADHD:

  • "I can pay attention if I was interested"       
  • Difficulty explaining self to others
  • Often frustrated or "down"
  • Frequently Late                  
  • Labeled "lazy," "a space cadet," or "has an attitude problem"
  • Impatient
  • Poor follow-through on tasks                                
  • Fidgeting                     
  • Living for the moment
  • Frequently distracted
  • Losing items of value (ie keys, wallet, homework, etc)
  • Forgetful

At LIFE Counseling LLC, we'll help you succeed in reducing the qualities of ADHD that you don't like and harness and enhance those qualities that are beneficial. Follow this link for more information on ADHD symptoms.

Some common advantageous qualities include:

  • Creative talents
  • Out-of-the box thinking
  • Highly intuitive
  • Warm-hearted
  • Persistent
  • Unique way of looking at life
  • Zany, fun approach
  • Social
  • Innovative
  • Successful
  • Good with hand-on tasks